Haileys Hideaway

First Impressions

The first picture that greets you at Hailey´s Hideaway is a great shot of the brunette babe smiling. Her hair is in pigtails and her eyes are sparkling with delight. She´s wearing a sassy tank top and then more pictures come tumbling your way as you browse the site. The shot of her cleavage is nice, her blue panties hug her ass and pussy nicely, and she is still updating with satisfying frequency. She´s so pretty and sweet it´s awfully hard not to feel overly eager to get inside and have some fun with her.

Hot Promises

One of the important things Hailey promises is that she´ll get fully naked inside. That means you can see her tits, pussy, and ass in her sets. Nice! She also promises you weekly webcam shows and the schedule is posted on the tour page so you can check to see if she´s still doing them (at some point she´ll stop but for now she´s going strong). The pictures show that she´s not shy about posing in lingerie and other sexy outfits. She can change up her look by doing different hair styles and it looks like she´s willing to be flexible. That means good times for all.


The inside is pink, blue, and white and it´s cute just like Hailey is. Her Hideaway is easy to browse thanks to links along the top of the page meant to look like folder tabs. It´s very clear and with just a few clicks you´ll land where you need to be. There´s an update list on the main page and she´s been good about getting a couple of things out per week. Updates include picture galleries, videos, archived webcam shows, candid sets, video blogs, and more.

The galleries are arranged 12 to a page with a thumbnailed preview shot, the name of the set, the number of pictures, and a choice between the low resolution, high resolution, or slideshow. She currently has 32 picture sets you can choose from and a whole host of awesome outfits to arouse. The low resolution shots display at 1200px (sometimes 800px) and the high resolution shots at 1600px (sometimes 1200px). Most sets have somewhere between 40-80 shots and all the thumbs display on the same page to make browsing a breeze.

The videos are organized in the same manner as the pictures, although less per page. You get a small screenshot from the film along with a brief title. It´s a shame that they don´t offer a little more information about what´s happening in the clip. It´s pretty annoying to download something you´re not interested in. The videos look good at a high resolution and downloads are fast. If you don´t like WMV you´re out of luck. There are no streaming options, either.

If you´ve been to Hailey´s Hideaway then you know this chick is astoundingly beautiful. She´s out of this world! I was pleased with the selection of outfits for the picture galleries and videos. The variety really enhances the site. The lingerie sets are always hot thanks to the bodacious body on this babe. There´s a really nice sheer white slip with lace trim that grips her tits well. There´s a lace corset and a pair of pink boyshort panties that are the sexiest things I have ever seen on an ass (seriously, they´re worth a long and lusty look from any man that loves a tight ass). There´s a yellow slip as well.

In the first gallery she ever uploaded Hailey poses with a riding crop and electrical tape on her titties as she´s down in the dungeon. That´s the only kinky set so far. If you like sweaters I count three sets where the teenage model wears them. In one it´s a semi-sheer sweater and she´s not wearing a bra underneath so you can admire her titties and think of how much fun it would be to grope them through the soft wool. There´s a set of her wearing a tight and slutty pink dress as she dances on a stripper´s pole. That´s a big time wow set.

Hailey´s Hideaway features stripping in every set she does, video or picture. She loves to take her clothes off and show us her natural titties and gorgeous pussy and ass. She´s slender with milky white skin and she looks her best without any clothing. Her pussy is typically shaved and you´ll see plenty of it. In addition to the outfits mentioned above you´ll see her in bikinis, the occasional costume, and come cute girl stuff like tank tops and denim shorts.

There are five candid galleries so far and they give you a little look into what she does when she´s not modeling. She looks just as good in those shots and you can see that she´s pretty bold when she goes out to party. Hailey keeps a journal and while she doesn´t update very often she tends to provide a fair amount of information when she does. It´s a nice way to get a look inside her head and learn a little more about her.

The webcam shows are awfully entertaining. At the moment she´s doing two per week and she´s pretty good about sticking to that schedule. She will eventually upload most of the shows to the archive area so you can catch up on what you missed. You can´t chat with her on an archived show though. That´s why it´s better to be there for the live action. You can get to know the hot brunette a little bit. There are forums where you can post messages to Hailey and chat with other members. The wallpaper page offers 16 decorations for your desktop that look awfully good. The ?bonus? content offered is really just advertisements for other sites.

Croco´s Opinion

Hailey´s Hideaway is a worthy site because the young lady it´s all about is remarkably good looking. She has a powerful sweetness that´s impossible to resist and she has a great body she loves to show off. The pictures and videos she produces feature a huge variety of outfits that are undeniably arousing. Updates come 1-2 times a week and her smiles are always there to admire. You get personal contact and information through her webcam shows and her journal. You can download the cam shows in the archive section. The site is a tad small still but it´s growing and it´s worth the money if you see Hailey and think she´s as hot as I did.


The site is well-organized and easy to browse thanks to a smart layout.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days.

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